Where does inspiration come from? Is it initiated by our environment or does it begin from within? I often find reasons to ask myself the questions that I do not readily have the answers to. Such as, why did I have to go through that in order to learn this? Whatever this or that may be, it was important for my development as a person. It provided me with the clues of what direction I needed to commit too and which directions I needed to avoid. One universal trait all humans share is that we were created to contribute to others. How we contribute depends on the gifts and clues that the Creator of the universe allows us to understand. Perhaps He does not allow us to know all things pertaining to our purpose for the simple fact that we would try to change the work He predestined according to His perfect will. Recently I was asked … if I could go back in time and change some of the decisions I made in my life, would I? I can admit I crashed into a couple walls, climbed many hills, and swam against the current on a few occasions. I have also experienced different levels of adversity and survived to tell about it. To change anything about the past would alter my current progress in an unknown way.  I consider myself an experiment that God delights in testing to make sure the hypothesis is correct. I suppose I will never know the results of the hypothesis until I meet Him face to face so until then I am committed to being aware of the clues and detours that navigate me toward His will. Personally I believe inspiration is the inner compass that designates each of our coordinates in life. Many of us are traveling the same road but heading to different destinations. What we are inspired to do, navigates us to where we need to be. Follow your compass. To be continued…

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