Where is the class located?

The class is located on the 2nd floor at 3126 Milton Road, Suite 234

Enter thru the "C/D" entrance of the building. (DTLR side)

How many hours is the CBI class?

The CBI class is 12 hours. From 9am – 3pm.

How many hours is the Drug Ed Class?

The Drug Education class is 15 hours. From 9am – 4:30pm.

How many days is the CBI/Drug Ed class?

The class is a 2-day class.

Do I have to take the CBI/Drug Ed classes back to back?


Do I have to register for both days of the CBI/Drug Ed Class?

No. You only need to register for the first day of class.  Registration covers both days of attendance.


How do I pay for the CBI/Drug Ed Class?

You must pay for the class online at the time of registration.


Do I need to pay the entire fee for CBI/Drug Ed classes up front?

Yes. Partial payments/payment plans are prohibited.


Will I receive a refund for scheduled classes that I fail to attend?

No refunds will be issued for a class that an individual registers for and fails to cancel within 24 hours. Your payment will be forfeited. Only with a verifiable medical note, will a refund be considered.  If you desire to re-register for a class, you must repay the total cost of the class you want to attend.

How do I reschedule a class if I miss the first/second day of class?

Clients who miss class must provide a doctor's note and contact the office to see if the excuse will be permissible. The doctor's note must convey dates consistent with inability to attend class.

When are the CBI/Drug Ed classes held?

Classes are held on a Wednesday and Thursday from 9am - 4:30pm. Dates may vary depending upon holidays or other conflicts. There will be no weekday class during the week of the weekend class.

When are the CBI/Drug Ed weekend classes?

Weekend classes are held once a month on Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 4:30pm.  

Check the registration calendar via the "register here" or "schedule now" links to see available dates. There will be no weekday class during the week of the weekend class.

What happens after I complete my CBI/Drug Ed hours?

After your hours are completed, you will receive a certificate of completion during the last hour of final class. You can present this to the clerk's office or at your next court date.

What should I bring to the CBI/Drug Ed class?

Bring valid ID and an open mind.  Everything else is provided.

I've never attended a CBI/Drug Ed class before, what should I expect on the first day?

Bring an open mind and you'll leave with a different outlook.

When do I receive my CBI/Drug Ed certificate?

You will receive your certificate of completion after you have successfully completed the required hours.

What are your office hours?

Office hours are by appointment only between the hours of 9am and 6pm.

F.A.Q. for Counseling Services


Why should I seek counseling?

When you dealing with anxiety, grief, eating disorders, relationship/family crises, depression, self-esteem issues stress, anger, work issues, and other life challenges, therapy can help you navigate the complexities, provide perspective and help you find healthy coping strategies. Based on how invested you are in the process, counseling helps you of heal. A part of healing requires putting into practice what you are learning thru counseling. Your therapist is here to help you set intentions for your time in counseling, offer you helpful strategies for living, help you figure out the obstacles that get in the way of your progress, and move you along toward recovery. No matter what brings you to counseling, therapy means living a life of desired positive outcome and renewed hope.


What are the benefits of talking to a counselor?

Some known benefits of working with a counselor are:

More clarity and understanding of yourself, your goals/intentions & your values

Learning how to tackle your inner critic and move toward more compassionate self-talk

Development of positive strategies/skills for improving relationships

Finding resolutions to unresolved issues, leading to freedom of past baggage that weights you down. Breakthrough of obstacles/defense mechanisms that get in the way of living the life you desire such as fear/resistance, perfectionism, procrastination, and self-sabotage

Learning techniques to cope with stress and find better life balance

Managing intense uncomfortable emotions such as grief, anger, depression or anxiety

Improving connection through better listening & communication skills

Strategies for changing negative, addictive and destructive behavior patterns

Learning effective problem-solving tools that will benefit your family and/or marriage

Improving your sense of worth, increase courage and self-confidence


What about medication vs. psychotherapy?

Long-term solution to the pain of mental and emotional struggles cannot be managed by medication alone. Most medications simply treat the symptoms, but therapy addresses the root cause of the distress and how the resulting behavior impacts your life. Therapy assists you in reaching your goal of wellness and healthy living holistically.


How long are the sessions?

All sessions are 50 minutes long.

The length of the session is primarily based on the need of the client and can be decided with your therapist after your initial visit.


How often will I need to come?

Frequency of visits is based on your unique needs, impact of your concerns, on your life and your desire toward healing and wellness. With your input, a care plan will be established for you during your first few visits. This care plan will develop your goals/intentions and establish benchmarks for your desired outcome. We recommend weekly appointments for our new clients. This allows us to establish a positive therapy relationship, and provides the appropriate time to create your treatment/care plan. As you meet your benchmarks, you and the therapist will work together on evaluating your progress and scheduling maintenance appointments.


What can I expect and what should I bring to my initial appointment?

Please arrive to your appointment at least 10 mins early with photo id, insurance card and payment method. If the session is for a minor child due to divorce or separation, also bring any paperwork regarding custody. You will also be asked to complete the intake forms, if you have not done so, via our Client Portal. Your initial session will last up to 50 minutes. During this session, your therapist will ask you to describe your concerns and what you hope to gain from counseling. This is the opportunity for you and the counselor to work on a care plan. At the end of the session the therapist will give you his/her recommendation for your next visit.


Why do I need to complete the Intake Form?

The intake process is vital to the formation of any counseling relationship. The intake process is the foundation upon which the structure of the therapeutic relationship is built. The intake form helps both the counselor and the client with obtaining a clear focus on past and present concerns, and it informs the counselor as to the direction to take in the counseling process.


Will my insurance cover my visits?

Most insurance companies have mental health benefits. Please contact your insurance company customer service line and inquire about your benefits and reimbursement. Our office will also check your insurance benefits. If insurance does not pay the contracted rate for services, any remaining balance is the responsibility of the patient. Due to the high incidence of unreported deductibles and the fact that some insurance may not cover certain services such as Marriage Counseling/Family Counseling, our office may require payment upfront.


What if my insurance/EAP only covers a number of sessions?

You may continue receiving therapy as a private pay client.


I am a First Responder, will it get back to my employer that I am seeking your services?

If you pay out of pocket, no one will know but you and your therapist.  If you are utilizing your insurance to pay for services, it will be reflected in your medical history that you've seen a therapist. See Info Tab for more information about confidentiality.


How can I refer someone to your office?

If you know someone who is struggling we encourage you to share our information with them. You can simply give them our phone number 980-285-3689. You could also direct them to our website.



 We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you to get the help you or your loved one may need. There is always hope, possibility and support available as you take courageous steps toward reaching out for help. Self Talk Counseling & Consulting is here for you. Do not give up. Give us a call.