"I Am..." On Purpose!

It dawned on me one morning that my purpose as a human being is to serve others and not myself however I wonder… "Am I worthy enough?" I have made a ton of “good” mistakes during my years. Today, I categorize these mistakes as detours toward my purpose. My mistakes were miscalculated decisions, trusting the wrong people, being blind to false friendships, erroneous assumptions and a gamut of other experiences that led to emotional scars. These mistakes were in fact the best educational moments of my life yet society paints a picture that says mistakes are shameful and those who make them will be judged negatively. These societal standards have convinced people to perpetuate this illusion which manifests into a fear of judgment from others. To regret any of my mistakes suggests that I should subscribe to society’s subjective ideology of perfection which may not include my qualities. I once read that “being perfect never taught anyone a thing.” Isn’t perfection subjective anyway? My mistakes made me more calculated because through the mistake I learned what didn’t work. What if we all embraced our mistakes as a good thing and the aforementioned idea of purpose? Our past will either hold us hostage or we can adjust and move forward. This intra-dialogue came to me as I began thinking about how hard I work to provide the things I didn’t have growing up for my family. I never had a house or a room to call my own during childhood yet I made the choice to work for those goals so that my children could experience what I didn’t. There wasn’t a male example of leadership, work ethic or ambition in my home, yet I chose to become what I always wanted, for my children and the many other kids I work with on a daily basis. I lacked a blueprint on how to plot my course for success yet my experiences and mistakes taught me what success is and isn’t. I grew up with a variety of complex fears that manifested out of what I didn’t have that the societal standard said I should possess. These disparities created low self-esteem, self-doubt and fear of the unknown. I was a hostage to these fears which wouldn't allow me to go further than their grips! The biggest of them all was the fear of making a mistake which actually equates to the fear of an outcome associated with new experiences. If I fear that which I do not know then I will avoid trying! I was afraid to do things that I had never done before because I didn’t want it to become a mistake! However, it was through one of my many adversities that an awakening occurred. This was an awakening born out of a mistake which helped me to eradicate my fears! It was the concept of sink or swim, fight, flight or freeze and I had to make a choice to survive or give up and die on my purpose.

In my new journey I have learned to accept failure as a part of my relationship with success. Many assume success doesn’t include failing or is based on luck and in some cases, that may be true, but for the most part, Achieving Success On Purpose is not luck! Not only is it what God gave us the free will to do but it is also a way of life that manifested in my personal journey; so much so that I created and titled an organization after it. I had never created an organization before but if not now, when? Once I understood that I control how the story ends, I became intentional about how I dictate the events of the journey. Many call God the Author and the Finisher and I agree wholeheartedly with The Spirit that is greater than me. I also believe God gave me the permission to say “I am…” as he instructed Moses in Egypt. You are… and I am… Great, Powerful, Capable, Strong, Resilient, Unstoppable, Fearless, Competent, Stable, Motivated…etc, primarily because of The Higher Power and the experiences He has escorted us through. We write our story with His support, one day at a time. When God tells you “well done my good and faithful servant…” on your judgment day, He is speaking to how you chose to use your freewill for His purpose through serving Him and others. I tell my clients that today is yesterday’s future and the things you did then created the conditions for today and what you do today will create the conditions for tomorrow. Sure some people in your life will hold you hostage to your past but it is up to you to agree or disagree with that condition. No two days are the same. I am special only because I give myself permission to be special…. What will you give yourself permission to be? Free? Beautiful? Loving? Forgiving? Fearless? Purposeful…? Write your story the way you want and begin your “I am…” journey on purpose! Not tomorrow, but today! You purpose requires your attention!