Are you a keeper or refundable?

Gimme my money back! This shit ain’t working! Have you ever hit a point in your relationship where you wanted OUT! At what point did you know the relationship was defective? Was it them or you? Did you make this investment with an expectation that you’d be in the customer service line seeking a return weeks, months, years later? I wonder… Relationships are powerful tools that chisel us into becoming who we are. The hypothesis we had about how things should go in a relationship will validate or eliminate itself once we test our theories. I think every relationship can work as long as every person involved acknowledges their own shit. If willing, two people who can’t stand each other could essentially learn a great deal about themselves from that experience. Whether its how you choose partners, your ideology, or expectations of the relationship, these factors can play a part in the refund as well. When you apply attention to your own defects, you will minimize the refund and avoid being labeled a recalled item!