More Than What You Bargained For!

When in the market to purchase a vehicle, do you look for the feeling or the purpose? “I can see myself in this” “I can turn heads with this” or “Can I get all the groceries, family trips accomplished in this?” This is a relationship. In fact, many women and men enter into relationships attracted to the exterior instead of inspecting what’s under the hood. Would you still buy this vehicle knowing it had engine problems? We are conditioned to be superficial especially when we are empty and unfulfilled inside. We magnetize ideas and things that we assume will add “make up” to our insecurities and plug in the voids. Warning signs are present in the beginning but you ignore them. You become the master mechanic who minimizes the problem with a belief you can fix it. All you care about is being able to enjoy the ride. You bit off more than you could chew!! The car over heats every 2 miles, the transmission slips out of gear, the A.C. doesn’t work and now you’re stuck with the inconvenience, misery, and other headaches. What a good looking mess you got yourself into! Next time you visit a dealership, make sure you respect the warning signs, understand what you want and test drive the vehicle before you commit to purchasing it. Judge the car by its performance and not its appearance.