Support, Fellowship, & Growth

Law Enforcement

A closed, confidential group counseling, specifically for law enforcement. Engage with other law enforcement officers on various topics and solutions. Identify possible burn out, address cultural biases, building community trust, family impact, awareness of mental health disorders, PTSD, addiction etc. Pre-registration required.


Requirements: Must be active law enforcement.  Sign a confidentiality statement. Must commit to 6 group sessions. Each session meets once a week. Sessions last for 1.5 hours. Registration fee must be paid prior to attendance. Additional group and/or individual sessions are available upon request.  Limited seating per group session. Register now.


Manhood & Marriage for Men

Whether you're thinking about popping the big question or have been married for 50+ years, and everything in between; this group is designed to provide support to men amid the daily stressors of fulfilling the expectations of being a man.  Manhood & Marriage invites you to come and share in the fellowship of great dialogue about the many roles we contribute to as men. This is a bridge building experience where we pave the way and create the opportunity for others to learn and share about ways to improve ourselves holistically.  


Juvenile Intervention

Interventions for juveniles in the justice system, students facing suspension/expelled. Addressing peer pressure, societal standards, bullying, overcoming current circumstances, and re-defining their purpose.


Family Interventions 

Counseling for families with children involved in the juvenile justice systems or facing social challenges in their home, school, or communities.


Outpatient Treatment 

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Outpatient services are available for individuals seeking help with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. All clients will work with a licensed clinician to develop an Individual Plan for their path to wellness.